Friday, November 2, 2012

How It Went in My Second Bikram Class

My shelter dog Molly and Rocky the Rescue
Kitten have gotten to be best friends!
My second Bikram yoga class was a little more difficult than the first class, mainly because I my body was sore from the first one! The muscles around my knees and in my thighs were very sore and I thought they were in pretty good shape until now.

To ease the soreness I drank some cherry juice, which is good for muscle recovery, and took some alfalfa pills, plus some slippery elm bark capsules, which is like a natural aspirin. Still wasn't enough though.

My balance seemed a little off this time too in the balance poses. Still, I know we have our great days and not so great days.

I did realize last time, though, that I needed to get some short sleeved tops and shorter yoga pants. I have to admit that it's been years since I've worn short sleeved tops of any kind or short, either, for that matter. My upper arms are showing my age as are my thighs so I've always just covered them up. Sleeves are hard to deal with in Bikram though.

I definitely know I won't ever be wearing those little bikini suits that some of the younger women wear but I can do shorter pants and short sleeve tops.

This class I just took an old blue mat I had at home and it worked fine, plus a bath towel. I did order a better mat though which is coming tomorrow- mostly for inspiration!

Another thing I noticed in my second class is that my neck is feeling the strain of the first breathing exercise, I think. I've been going to a holistic chiropractor who has been working on my neck alignment so it will be interesting to see what she says on my next visit. I am trying to be careful with my neck until I get better at Bikram.

I will have to take tomorrow off since that is the day of my tai chi class. I take tai chi twice a week and practice also for about 20 minutes each morning. Tai chi is moving meditation and also helps massage internal organs, improve balance and circulation and increase chi, or good energy. It is wonderful for health and healing. I think my poor, old body may need a day of rest anyway.

We'll see how class goes after a day of rest and recuperation. I remember the last time I tried Bikram, I only went for 4-5 days but I could actually see improvement in that time in how well I did the postures.

Today too, I weighed myself and measured my waist and hips so I can keep track of improvements. This past year, I've lost about 15 pounds, mostly due to eating much less meat and a lot more raw foods, but I'd like to lose a few more pounds and take some inches off by firming up.

So here it is:

Weight 140
Waist measurement 36 1/2 (down a whole inch from the last time I measured due to losing some weight!)

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