Monday, December 8, 2014

Hot Yoga App - Win an Android Tablet Giveaway!

 Hi Yoga Peeps!

   You've gotta love a good app! And a great competition. Now if
  that app makes your Hot Yoga practice rock AND lets you practise
  ANYWHERE, AND has KEWL GAMES then that's just about a no-brainer!

   So please read on to find out how YOU can win an Android
  Tablet... and you don't have to buy anything to enter.

   Just 5 days ago Gabrielle Raiz launched her Hot Yoga On The Move APP on
  ANDROID. Up until now it's only been available for Apple
  Devices. It's always been very popular and now it's rocketing
  up the Google Play Store charts as well!

   >> Get the Hot Yoga Doctor app on the Google Play Store here >>

   So, to celebrate the launch she am giving away an Android
  Tablet. Here's the link to the Giveaway:


   You may want to just enter the comp just for the tablet.
  That's OK. You don't need to buy the app, but just in case,
  here's why you may want to consider it:

   There really is NO BETTER TIME than ever to buy it right now,
  because to celebrate our grand launch you will receive ...

   >> the App at 50% discount
   >> a bonus 196 page Home Practice ebook which normally sells
      for $19.95  (very informative and practical) (for the first 200)
   >> a 60 minute double-set hot yoga audio class that you won't
      find on the App worth $16.99 (for the first 100)

   That's an amazing $47 value for only $4.99! In fact it's worth
  buying the app just for the Bonuses!

   >> Get the Hot Yoga Doctor app on the Google Play Store here >>

   I love reviews (especially good ones) so ...

   ... if you like the app and you’re willing to leave an honest
  review (hopefully you’ll like it, just like thousands of iPhone
  and iPad users before you have) then send us a link to your
  review and we’ll give you ANOTHER - and DIFFERENT - recorded
  class to add to your collection. (And double your entries to
  win the ASUS Tablet!)

   Gabrielle :)

   PS. The Free Tablet Competition is open to anybody who has an
  address in the US, Australia or Canada.


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