Thursday, August 8, 2013

Boomer Bikram - Still Hanging in With Hot Yoga

I must admit I did have to quit Bikram yoga for about 6 weeks, so I haven't been blogging about hotBikram was aggravating it. I started going to my chiropractor and eventually to an orthopedic doctor to see if the injury was serious.

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yoga lately. When I started going to class last November, I had a shoulder problem that became worse over time and I felt that maybe

In June, I decided to quit hot yoga for a while to see if the shoulder pain got better and it did. An MRI showed a small tear inside the tissue, which my chiropractor felt would heal given time. I missed going to class so in July, I decided to go back again but just 3 days a week to start. I also told my instructors that I'd had a shoulder problem and that I was going to go easy on it for a while. They were all very supportive.

Since I have been doing PT on my shoulder and also going easy on the hot yoga classes, my shoulder pain has improved. I think that, over time, Bikram will be a wonderful  aid in healing. I think I needed to realize though that I couldn't power through an injury at my age.

Boomers tend to think they should never slow down or be incapacitated but the fact is, sometimes we get injured and we need to take care of the issue. Once we do, we can go full steam ahead again.

So, I'll be resuming my Boomer Bikram blogging. After a month away, I actually didn't feel like I lost that much of what I'd gained. My core stayed toned and I didn't immediately turn to fat, as I feared I would-lol. I was able to get through the entire class on the first day, even though some of my poses had suffered from not doing them.

We just got back from a week's visit to our daughter in Santa Cruz and instead of worrying and fretting because I had to take a week from my hot yoga, I just rested my shoulder and allowed my body to take a break from working out. Instead, we walked daily along the ocean cliffs and enjoyed the visit.

Have you tried Bikram yoga and then given up? If so, why? Did you ever want to go back? I missed the heat actually. My skin felt so much softer and clearer from the sweating. I missed the workout too. Even though I walk daily and do tai chi, I also feel like I need some aerobic workout and hot yoga gives that to me.

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