Sunday, November 30, 2014

Hot Yoga Master Class Package is on Sale!

I don't know if you've looked at Gabrielle Raiz' Hot Yoga Master Class package and wished you could own it, but right now she's having a hot sale on this great program.Using the information in Gabrielle's book, DVD and audio, you can take your hot yoga practice to the next level and enjoy all the benefits practicing is meant to give you.

If you've ever tried Bikram yoga and found it difficult or had trouble with the different postures, this program will help you improve your poses to get the most benefit from them. Sometimes, in trying to do the posture the way the instructor is telling us to, or the way we THINK we're being told to do it, we can actually cause ourselves pain and injury. Many people just give up at that point or try and power through the pain when simple tips and improved techniques could solve their problems.

Think of all the shoulder work in Bikram. I had a shoulder injury last year and nearly quit going to class because the postures seemed to aggravate the injury and increase the pain. I read about variations to the poses to decrease stress on my shoulder and also consulted Gabrielle's hot yoga forum and received a personal response. Within a couple of weeks, I could practice again without shoulder pain.

I also strained my knee one time when doing some of the poses and after reading through Master Class, I realized what I was doing incorrectly to cause this.

For every single hot yoga pose, Master Class explains how to set up the pose and how to get into it. Gabrielle explains then what you should be experiencing during the pose and how to get out of it. Just knowing some easy to follow tips and techniques can make all the difference in your practice.

Besides the 304 page Master Class book with all the beautiful photos and text, you receive an entire class on audio, plus nearly 6 hours on DVD to show you each and every pose and how you should be doing it to get the most benefit. On the DVD there is a pose menu selection too so if you're having trouble with one particular pose, you can easily find the information about it.

In the past, the Master Class package has sold for $199 but right now, Gabrielle is having a special. Get all the material described above for just $99. This is an amazing deal.

Do yourself a favor this holiday season and give yourself a gift that you will use and treasure all the years of your hot yoga practice. Click here for more information on the program, what it can do for you and ordering information for Hot Yoga Master Class

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